What to Expect from 5g

The All Singing 5g – What is it?

Well as you may know 5g logo5g is the next standard for cell phone networks and this promises to be streaks ahead of the current LTE from 4g networks. Manufacturers are looking forward to it as well as no current handsets will not work with 5g so all the current handsets will have to be replaced – a huge spike in sales for Apple, Samsung and the rest of the pack.

The aim is to get over 5Gbps speeds, as high as 20Gbps and latency down to one millisecond. What this means to you and me, is instant connections and no waiting for stuff to download. Cloud services will even more appealing where everything gets stored online and is instantly available. We have all this now of course but the speed boost really increases its usefulness.

The Internet of Things

Current networks have a load capacity, they can only support so many devices per square mile. But 5g standard aims to push this up to the millions of devices per square mile. You read that right – millions. When this happens we enter the world of the Internet Of Things.

The IOT allows almost every manufactured product to have its IP address and its own 5g network chip inside, accessible from anywhere. And passing useful data back to us and to manufacturers to improve their products.

But certainly the biggest impact will be in the automobile. These are already being fitted with 4g SIMs. However 5g SIMs takes things to a whole new level. Suddenly your car can talk to the car in front as well as the car behind. Add to this the ability to monitor new road side transmitters and thus your car then becomes aware of what’s going on around it. The next step to fully automated vehicles.

When can we get it

So when is this coming? Well you can’t get it today. Heavy research is being carried out and the 5g standard is yet to be formally agreed and ratified. But the expected rollout date is around 2020. Both the next Winter Olympics and next Soccer World Cup are expected to trial 5g networks for the world’s media. So watch this space – exiting things are coming. Click this link to find out more