How and How not to use your iphone

Smartphone Etiquette


“sent from my iphone”, come on you can do better than that. This is the default signature that Apple appends to the end of your message. It’s easy to change and you can make it more personal or more corporate in tone. Over to you.

Photo Menace

Lady taking a photo with an iphoneOur are great for photos and videos but some people just can’t stop. It’s gets real tiresome when people do that to you and invariably post all over social media. Don’t let that be you. Take a few pictures or a video. It’s normally quite easy to tell if other people are getting a little irratable and it’s best not to over do it.

Drive and Talk

There’s no way you can operate a cell phone and drive at the same time. But we all think we can. When you do this you’re not fully in control of you vehicle and someone could get badly hurt. Many cars come with a bluetooth connection to connect your phone to the car. If your car doesn’t have one then it’s a worth while investment.

Personal means personal

Do I, or anyone else for that matter, need to know you’ve just got a notification? So turn the sound down or set phone to vibrate. Equally annoying and quite distracting are ring tones. Amusing when herd once but after the 20th call, the novelty wore off a long time ago. A simple short distinctive ring is fine. It let’s you know the phone is ring and nothing more.

Look, No hands

I call them sleep walkers with phones. They walk on the side walk never taking their eyes from the screen. Somehow they manage not to walk out into traffic or hit lampposts but every pedestrian is a potential target. Surely if that text is so important you can find a cafe or place out of the way to finish reading, crafting your text.


Switch off

Are you old enough to remember going to a restaurant where people used to actually talk? Here’s a tip, turn the phone off. Then talk to the other person, if they keep texting or playing that game, keep talking until you get into their head. They can’t ignore you for ever and they might think you’re extremely rude. But you can take the moral high ground and argue your case.