Apple’s New Models Introduced in 2017

The New Models

There’s some good news if you’re an iPhone user. If you live and breath iPhones, as we do and will always move to a new iPhone when now’s the time to upgrade.

Well the good news is that when you do get round to upgrading to your new iPhone, such as the new iPhone 8s or (if you can afford it) the iPhone X, then you’re in luck!

Wireless is Now Built In

iphone modelsAll new iPhone models come with wireless charging built in, as a standard feature. The other good thing is that Apple is using the wireless charging standard, known as Qi. This is great news as both Apple and Android cell phones can use the same wireless chargers.

Normally when Apple introduce a new technology, they go propriety. Meaning, they use an Apple only technology, which while better than what tends to be already out there, also means that only Apple supplies that technology. Which means they control prices. And that means higher prices with less to almost no choice. You want high quality Apple products then you pay for the privilege.

Good Value (for a change)

But I’m pleased to say that this is not the case here. You can use any wireless Qi charger on the market. And what you want is the higher powers ones, Up to 15 watts to get the fastest charging rates.

But there’s still a lot of older iPhone models out there and the kits on our home page Can still be used to get your older iPhones charging wirelessly too. They’re not expensive and work just as well as Apples products.

Battery Charging<h3>Wireless Charging Is The Future</h3>

We think wireless chargers are the future for all mobile phones and the technology and charging rates will get better and better over time. The principal of just putting your phone down (on a charging pad) and it just starts charging is so appealing, it has to be the future.

Because (1) it’s simple and (2) It just plain works.