A Concise iphone History

iPhone historyoriginal iphone

Prior to the launch of the first iPhone, there were many manufacturers competing in the cell phone marketplace, Nokia, Ericsson. These were already big players carving out the cell phone market to themselves.

But things were about to change big time. It’s hard to think what life was like before then. Tiny screens, no bigger than an inch square. And if you were wealthy you’d have had a color screen. You would have had twelve physical buttons beneath the display these had a combination of numbers/letters and next to the zero key, the notorious “pound” key and “star” key. Beneath those were the keys to make a call and terminate a call.

Apple’s first iPhone dropped the buttons, except for one in their place a big screen with icons. We’d never seen icons like this before. Each icon represented an app. The preloaded apps where only the start. Apple encouraged developers to develop more apps and they did.

The screens responded to what you were doing. Make a call and you got a series of touch sensitive numbers. You’re texting now, so the a keyboard would pop up. Go for the calculator and you had a full size calculator. It was nothing short of a revolution.

How game changing was this event. Well Ericsson and Nokia are no more or owned by others and Apple went on to become the biggest company in the world.

As each new model of phone is introduced so the spec and capabilities increase. So much so that for may folk the cell phone is the one item they can’t live without. They would even prefer it over their wallets or purse.

Here are iphone generations

The first iPhone is noted called the 1st generation.

The we got the 3G and 3GS

The 4 and As

4S and A5

5,5C and At

The 6, 6 plus and A8

6S, 6S plus, SE and So

And now the 7 and 7 plus.

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