Wireless Chargers for the iPhone and where to find them

Andriod phones now come with wireless charging as standard. So why should we iPhone users allow Andriod phones to have this really cool feature when we can’t.

Hi, my name’s Matt and I’m going to tell you, you can have wireless charging. Why you should have wireless charging and where to get it from. Until Apple introduce it into their phones we’ll have to do it ourselves but it’s quite easy to do and there’s no tampering with the iPhone’s innards and have the phone brick on us.
Here’s where you can get the top wireless devices today.

Wireless chargers use a pad, which can be flat or slanted, that starts charing your phone as soon as you lay your phone on it. That is; it would start charging if you iPhone had a wireless charging mechanism built in.

But fear not; it’s quite easy to add this feature and we go into more detail later. But first how does does this wireless charging actually work

Wireless Charging Kit

Look? No Wires

Without getting into too much technical detail, it employs a branch of electrical engineering called induction. My toothbrush has had this for years now, so I know it works.
The charging electric current can be made to jump from one circuit to another through thin air. The a/c current in one wire coil (the charger) is received by another close by wire coil (or device)

The standard that everyone seems to be using today is called Qi. Remember that Qi, and it’s worth looking for just these wireless chargers when you shop, as it’s becoming the universal standard.

Why should you Go Wireless?

So what’s wrong with my cable charger? We would say everything.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Apple phones (and all cell phones for that matter) is that charger cable that you’re forever putting in taking back out again, every day. Sometimes more than once a day, every day of the year. That’s a lot of inserts, right?

solar powered wireless charger

Why is that bad? Well that constant pushing the connector in, it’s always a tight fit (it has to be for obvious reasons) – takes its toll.

The connector on the phone is attached to a small board inside the phone. The little wires are delicately solder on. If you’re too aggressive, the connector can weaken and eventually break off or snap those incredibly fine wires. When that happens you can no longer charge, then you need to get your iPhone fixed (best done by an authorized dealer)

An authorized dealer invariably means a trip to the Apple store. And guess what, as you walk through to the back of the store where a waiting rep will take the details for the repair, you pass all these wonderful, new, exciting new iPhones. Then you think to yourself “I really deserve to treat myself to an upgrade, rather than spend money fixing that old phone” – factor in buying a new iPhone when you take yours to get fixed.

Cable Curse

Then there’s the cable itself. Apples charging cable is also know as “Lightning Cable”. Our Andriod cousins have to struggle with their micro usb cables and put them into their phones the right way round. Not so lightning cable, Apple designed it to go in anyway, which is a great feature. Not a deal breaker but nice to have.

If you live as a hermit, then cables are great. If you live in a house where there’s two or more people , each with a iPhone. And if some of these people happen to be teenagers. Then you’ve got cable problems. Even though you’ve bought dozens over the years, there never seems to be one around when you need one.

Cables but no charger. Charger but no cables. And teenagers will somehow manage to break the end off the cable or tread on it.

Charging case for iphone 6

Wireless Chargers to the Rescue

Obviously you’ll need one or two charging base units. These aren’t so expensive now and you can get all sorts of designs.

Then you’ll need to attach something to your iPhone so that it can charge wirelessly. You have two options here. A wireless charging case for you phone or a wireless charging foil.

The case is fairly self explanatory. The foil is a flexible panel, just like a thin credit card that sticks to the underside of your iPhone. In both cases a connector from either the case or the foil is permanently inserted into the phones connector – then your done.

That’s it, you then lay the phone on a charging base and it instantly begins to charge.

Qi charging base

Better still if you have a andriod device (remember the newer ones have wireless chargers built in) you can use the same charger for them as well. One charger covers all devices.

Anything Else?

No more playing hunt the cable with the kids. Cables that used to work yesterday but don’t work today.

No more waking up in the morning with a flat iPhone, remembering, when it’s too late, that you forgot to put the charging cable in before you went to bed. Or worse, you did put the charging cable in but someone took it out to charge their phone, with yours lying along side, looking sad and uncharged.

Oh yes, if you considering a new car or you already have a new car. It will almost certainly come with a wireless charging tray. And now you and your iPhone can make use of this cool feature. Just imagine, no looking for a lightning cable with its trailing wire snaking around everything and getting pulled around, your iPhone flying with it. Just a 21st century solution to the charging problem.

Please Apple can we have wireless charging for our iPhones, ipods and every other gadget you dream up?


I do think that Apple will introduce wireless charging at some point in the future. But Apple, being Apple, will come up with something that’s unique and won’t work with anyone else’s wireless charging system.

But they won’t introduce it into older models and so that’s for a future iPhone upgrade. In the meantime we can join our Andriod friends and charge wirelessly.

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